About the Ministry

Mission Statement

Love God     Love People     Be Real

 What We Do

Our ministry works with those incarcerated.  Part of our mission is to encourage change from with-in (spiritually).

Locally we are involved with the Orlando Work Release Center, which is a Department of Corrections facility that houses 84 women.  Upon their arrival from the state prisons they do not always have proper clothing, and such, to re-enter the job market. Several of them do not have families that are able to provide what they need to take this next step.  This is where we try to help.  Their needs vary and begin with the basics. Clothes, shoes, eye glasses, bus passes to be able to find a job and then bus passes to get to work, until they earn there first check.   Simple encouragement goes a long way when you are trying to start over.

We go inside every Saturday evening and provide mentoring, encouragement and life skills studies along with a bible study.

Then on Sunday our ministry will pick these women up and bring them to Journey Christian Church.

During their time at church, they receive God’s word and we fellowship with them afterwards. Our fellowship includes a time of sharing and encouraging.

Our Ministry consists of helping these women develop the relationship with Our Father that they need to succeed.  We do this through understanding their needs spiritually as well as socially and loving them as our Father asks. We  help them understand His Love so they can begin to live the life He has waiting for them.

Upon their release the Ministry provides  a large duffle style bag to pack up their belongings.  Many times this is all they have.

We will also pick up the women who need help and transport them to where ever they need to go.  Bus station, airport, surrounding cities, or a ride across town. We like to be able to stop and have breakfast and visit, so they get a chance to catch their breath.  We will talk about their plans and some times we are able to meet their families as well.

We always like to be able to send them off knowing that,  with our support,  they too can make it .                      

God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, nor sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

 God doesn’t give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need – To help you, To hurt you, To leave you, To love you, And to make you into the Person you were meant to be!

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

You need Hope to Cope.

  • Items the Ministry provides

    Life Recovery Bibles

    Bible Study designed especially for women in these circumstances

    Printed out Daily Inspirational/devotionals

    Folders to keep printed material together

    Ink pens, highlighters

    Reading glasses if needed (help with prescription glasses)

    Help with obtaining birth certificates, social security cards, other forms of identification

    Ministry T- shirts for Church

    Inspirational movies and recovery documentaries

    Work shoes (very important and needed all the time)

    Clothing as needed

    Bus passes when needed

    Duffle style bag upon release

    Transportation when needed (upon release)

    Follow up care and mentoring as needed

    Obedience… closes the door to Hell

    and opens the windows of Heaven

    Live life with a backbone instead of a wishbone

    Live by Faith not Feelings

    Miracles come in cans… if you do what you can God will do what you can not!