We realize that we cannot do this by ourselves. We will have to rely on the community, our friends, our families . . . you.  We hope that you will be joining us in this amazing adventure.         As this process moves on, we will need your help and prayers.  Please pray that we continue to listen to God for His wisdom and guidance; pray that we continue to be trusting and faithful to Him.  Pray that as we move along, God’s whispered voice will be heard and the needs of the JAYA Ministry will be unselfishly met.  Lastly, please pray for the women who God is already preparing for us.

God has big plans for this Ministry with YOUR Help!!!

We have recently opened up a branch of the Ministry in the Jacksonville area, headed up and run by Larry and Amanda Sikes. Although they are busy in area jails & churches, their primary focus will be  directed toward the eight women’s work release centers throughout the state.  This will be accomplished through correspondence and communication of needs.