J.A.Y.A. House for Women


J.A.Y.A. House officially opened A Transitional Home for the women of O.W.R.C. on July 1, 2013.

2012 was an amazing year filled with so many Blessings!!! The most humbling was how Journey came together and provided funds to finish the House. God is Better than Good All The Time.


“For His mercy endures forever.”

You might say, “But God can’t love me. I’ve done some really bad things.” God says, “My mercy endures beyond the bad things you’ve done.”

You might say, “Life is too hard. I am sure I will fail.” But God says, “My mercy endures beyond your future failures.”

You might say, “I don’t deserve his love.” But God says, “My mercy endures beyond your ability to deserve my love.”

You might say, “How can God forgive me? He knows everything I’ve done.” God says, “My mercy endures beyond all that you’ve done.      I can forgive you.”

Is there hope for you? God thinks so (Jeremiah 29:11). He has good plans and a good future for you. That’s why his mercy endures forever. In Christ, you are forgiven. You are made clean. You are in right standing with God.

His mercy endures beyond your abilities, your failures, your efforts, your sins, your past, your future. His mercy endures!

Prayer: Lord, I know I have messed up things pretty badly. But, your mercy endures forever. Let your mercy wash over me and cleanse me.   I put my hope in you forever.