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I wanted to give an update on Kristine. She left the Jaya House on March 27 to go back home to Illinois to care for her 95 year old grandmother. We took this pic right before she got in the car to leave.
When Kristine arrived at JAYA she was receptive and excited about using every resource we offered her to prepare for transition back to her life in Illinois. She worked at Hardee’s and also attended Journey every Saturday night for service (she had to work Sundays). She participated with our group studies on Tuesday night and loved it. She also did a bible study with Edna and myself on Monday evenings and also attended Journey to Recovery on Friday nights. She is also an excellent cook and we sure miss her wonderful meals. She had so many fun times with our volunteers and her and Edna, our volunteer who goes way above and beyond to help us, shared many adventures in the community together and in the word studies. Kristine and I had so many talks about her love for Jesus and His plan for her life. We shared many great “aha” moments and we are thankful that God answered our prayers and sent a girl who benefited from His plan for her life with the help of transition. We miss her so much and talk to her daily. She is enjoying her time taking care of her grandmother and sharing the word of God and her hopes and dreams with her. We are so proud of you Kristine for having the courage to follow His plan in spite of the trials and struggles you had to endure. We love you precious girl and thank God for the opportunity and blessing of coming alongside you in your transition to home. You are His child and He has set you free!

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The above were created by Marie Carter.   She created scenes, like this, while she was incarcerated with very limited resources.  She is released and still working with her wonderful gift.

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This is Marie finishing off what is to be the Family Tree of Silver Star Christian Church