Who We Are


Sue and I have been down paths that most of you can identify with.

jaya-home-picWe met in 1969 and got together in 1970. We didn’t get married until 1972. We began our marriage without Jesus, very much in the world. We were both very free-spirited.

Before we met the Lord, we did everything wrong. Our ways cost us everything -including our marriage of five years. We have two children who suffered because of our choices. We knew about, God but we didn’t feel worthy of Him because we messed everything up. After fifteen years of divorce and runnig wild, Sue found Christ, and He came through for her. She told me about how I needed Him and I finally decided to accept Him. We were able to develop the relationship He wanted for us all along and we remarried in 1992. What an awesome marriage we have now!!! The thing is, the Lord was there all that time, just waiting for us, “Just AS We Were.” He knows how messed up we are and how much we need Him. We are thankful He is so patient. The point is . . . He wants You

“Just AS You Are” !!!

On our way to Church December 20, 2020