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Art by Mari Carter

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The above were created by Marie Carter.   She created scenes, like this, while she was incarcerated with very limited resources.  She is released and still working with her wonderful gift.

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This is Marie finishing off what is to be the Family Tree of Silver Star Christian Church

Finding Me – By Tammy Hare, July 2009

I look out beyond this field of Green,

Still nothing is as it may seem,

Yesterday has come and gone.

Inside my mind I’m lost as I’m trying

to find where I belong.

My eyes are often filled with tears,

Dear God how do I stop these lasting fears?

I know I need to stand tall and to stay strong

But these days seem to be too long.

I’m trying so hard to fit in

So tell me is she my enemy or is she my friend

The road ahead of me seems as dark as night

Yet I know I must not give up

I must continue this fight

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Annie Layer – July 17, 2010

Lord, for too long I didn’t feel your love

All my praying and crying just wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t listening, I couldn’t see

All my selfish thoughts were centered on me

I hated it when I came to this place

Frustration made it hard to see your face

I need You, Lord! I cried to you

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Being Sensitive – Written by Jody Drewno 2011

The hard shell that protects me is no longer there. When I say I am sensitive I mean the emotion of hurt is easily triggered. When people have attitudes or say hurtful things I personalize them. When one person can say who cares what they say, I take things to the heart. Tears are my coping skills. Tears are my healing. People say stop being so sensitive but what I hear is stop being you. Some people are thinkers. I’m a feeler. I ask myself why can’t I be a little harder, but I know I am who I am. Maybe everyone is sensitive but through life’s hardship have learned to put a shield up. As for me, every emotion shows no matter if it’s happy, sad, anger or excitement. Is it so bad to be sensitive? In this wicked world probably! When I was on the outside I did not feel because of the drugs. I guess it’s taking years to learn how to deal with my emotions without everyone else seeing them. Others may see weakness in my tears, but there is strength behind each one!