Finding Me – By Tammy Hare, July 2009

I look out beyond this field of Green,

Still nothing is as it may seem,

Yesterday has come and gone.

Inside my mind I’m lost as I’m trying

to find where I belong.

My eyes are often filled with tears,

Dear God how do I stop these lasting fears?

I know I need to stand tall and to stay strong

But these days seem to be too long.

I’m trying so hard to fit in

So tell me is she my enemy or is she my friend

The road ahead of me seems as dark as night

Yet I know I must not give up

I must continue this fight

I miss you mom & I miss my dad,

I only wish I could have back

my family I once had.

Although I know “this” cannot be

So I must come to the reality

to set my past free.

I’ve hurt so many close and dear

How do I let them know

how much I really do care?

For this I carry so much hurt and pain,

Where do I start to gain their trust again?

I have so many questions I need to ask,

Now it’s time to stop hiding

Behind that awful mask.

I still cannot forgive myself

for what I’ve done.

As I feel I’ve shamed so many

even our Fathers Son.

I’ve found the answers to some

of my questions I need to ask.

Silver Star Christian Church

Has helped me begin

walking on the right path.

Thank You

Al and Sue Hoover

And to all of the members of

Silver Star Christian Church

Written by

Tammy Hare

July 2009