Annie Layer – July 17, 2010

Lord, for too long I didn’t feel your love

All my praying and crying just wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t listening, I couldn’t see

All my selfish thoughts were centered on me

I hated it when I came to this place

Frustration made it hard to see your face

I need You, Lord! I cried to you

and through the door stepped Al and Sue

Bringing hugs and their wonderful smiles

I understood why I traveled these miles

Their patient love and honest forgiving

Proved that You are the right reason for living.

So now Lord, these folks have led the way

To help me believe in a better day

The future is shining, my life looking bright

Your love, through their arms, giving me light

So thank You, Lord, for your Grace so true

Thank You, God, for Al and Sue.

 Annie Layer